Your holiday apartment, your capital investment


The 11 serviced apartments on the 4th floor are holiday apartments and capital investments at the same time. The hotel rents out your apartment during the time you are not present. This guarantees constant income as the revenue of all apartments is put in one pot and afterwards redistributed proportionally. 

Use of your own apartment

You are entitled to use your own apartment for a maximum of 12 weeks per calendar year, including three weeks per high season.


Apart from the time you are using the apartment for yourself; the hotel manages the rental of your apartment and takes care of the guests.


Thanks to an optimal occupancy rate the hotel aims for high rental revenues which will be repaid to the owner after deducting a management fee. The entire rental income will be pooled and accounted daily according to value ratios. This guarantees revenue all year round.

Maintenance & damages

Maintenance and damage control is also managed by the hotel. Bigger maintenance work will be paid by the renovation fond.


All holiday apartments will be completely furnished and ready to move in. As owner you have three color options for the expansion of the apartment. The furnishing style will be «Alpen Chic», a combination of rustic elements, a mix of materials, Alpine colours and structures. The carefully selected furniture will provide a cosy and homely atmosphere. 

Apartment Floor Rooms GLA in m2 Price in CHF Ground plan
401 4 2.5 52 sold
402 4 3.5 69 sold
403 4 2.5 39 sold
404 4 2.5 40 sold
405 4 3.5 56 sold
406 4 2.5 51 sold
407 4 3.5 58 sold
408 4 2.5 40 sold
409 4 2.5 36 sold
410 4 3.5 71 sold
411 4 3.5 74 sold

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